One Time Workshops

In our one-time workshop, you will:
Learn the Basics: From mixing to pouring, understand the fundamental techniques of working with concrete.
Explore Creativity: Experiment with molds, textures, and finishes to personalize your project.
Connect with Others: Meet like-minded individuals and share ideas in a supportive environment.
No prior experience is required—all materials will be provided, and our instructors will guide you every step of the way. Whether you're interested in home decor, sculptural art, or practical applications, this workshop is designed to inspire and empower your creativity. All classes are BYOB!

Adult Courses

Designed for those eager to dive deeper into the creative possibilities of concrete, this series promises an experience where you'll gradually build a collection of unique pieces while mastering the art of concrete.
During our extended courses, you will:
Progressive Learning: Begin with foundational skills such as mixing, casting, and molding.
Create a Collection: Each week you will gradually build a collection of pieces.
Community and Collaboration: Connect with fellow participants in a supportive and inspiring environment, fostering creativity and camaraderie.
Join us in this immersive experience and unlock your creativity in concrete artistry. Enroll now to secure your place in shaping a collection that reflects your passion and skill in the art of concrete.


Private Events

Whether hosted at our studio or within the comfort of homes and businesses, we offer personalized sessions that cater to diverse occasions and groups of all sizes.

Tailored Experiences: Customize your event to suit your theme and preferences, whether it's a team-building workshop, birthday celebration, bridal shower, or any special gathering.
Flexible Locations: Choose between hosting your event in our inviting studio environment or opting for our mobile service, where we bring the workshop directly to your location for added convenience.
Expert Instruction: Led by experienced instructors, our sessions are designed to accommodate all skill levels, ensuring that participants can enjoy and succeed in creating their own concrete masterpieces.
Whether you're looking to foster team bonding, celebrate a special occasion, or simply indulge in a creative experience, our private concrete art events offer a unique and hands-on way to engage and inspire your guests. Contact us today to plan your personalized event and create lasting memories through the art of concrete.

Have a question about our workshops or have an idea for a private event? Let's chat!